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AAVISHKAR, and academy of Performing Arts, has as its objective, to study various performing folk dance form of Gujarat and India and later teach these dances to urban youth in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat and bring awareness about our rich culture heritage. It has been an integral part of AAVISHKAR’s discipline to organize intensive camps for systematic study and research in rural areas of Gujarat as well as in other states. Since its establishment in 1986, various folk dance forms of Gujarat like Hudo (Tarnetar-Saurastra), Kartal (Tribal-dance-Panchmahal). Maniaro-(Warrior Ras-Porbandar Saurashtra) have been studied.

The end result of this process is in teaching these dances to young artists. The repertoire created out of this learning process gives performances. The repertoire of AAVISHKAR has given several performances in and out side the country and has received great applaud.

AAVISHKAR’s reparetory is on the panel of ICCR and has given many performances on their behalf also.

Apart from performing the original folk dances of Gujarat, AAVISHKAR has under taken productions in which basic media has been folk dances and the movements of the folk dances.

Some of them are:
Melo: The dances from different folk fairs of Gujarat like Tarnetar, Chitra Vichitra has been placed along with the visual clips of fair. It was a well acclaimed multimedia production.
Panch Mahabhut: Panch Mahabhut was a fusion of classical dances like Bharat Natyam, Kathak and folk dance of Gujarat.

Ritu Gurjari: The production was based on Kalidas’s “Ritu Samhar”. The poetry of each season, translated in Hindi was used either for recitation, chorus singing or with the seasonal folk dances of Gujarat. As an experiment, few Gujarati poems based on seasons were also embibe. The production was directed by Shri Bansi Kaul.

Ritu Gurjari was financially supported by Dept of Culture, Govt. of India, under their scheme for financial assistance for production for professional Groups.



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