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Folk Dances of Rajasthan

  • Ghummer
    Ghummer is the most popular dance form of Rajasthan. It is performed on joyous occasions, rituals and festivals. The flair of the long skirt of women is known as Ghumma. When the dancer, in her immense joy takes”chakkers” (circles), the Ghumma flies with her and creates an eye-catching site. Ghummer is the dance of royal Rajput families of Rajasthan. The colorful costumes together with melodies music and song add splendor to this dance, which has one heart of people all over the world.

  • Tera Tal
    Tera Tal - a Rajsthani folk dance.  Please click to view larger image.Rajsthan is the state of the vast deserts and send dunes. On one hand this state is dry because of deserts and on the other hand it is equally rich with its colourful costumes, music, dance and culture. The gypsy women of Rajasthan perform a unique and exotic dance called Tera Tal. In this dance they tie 13 manjiras on their bodies and perform various acrobatics. The use of thali (metal plate), swords etc. signify the difficult lives of the gypsy women.
  • Chari:

    Chari - a rajasthani folk dance.  Please click to view larger image. A dance performs by women as a virtual in the Mewad province of Rajasthan. Is visually very attractive because of metal pots with lighted fire on their heads.


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