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  AAVISHKAR, an academy of performing arts-Gujarat:

Gujarat,a prominent state of Western India can trace its glorious history to Lothal Sanskrity (Civilization), which was contemporary of Mohenjodero and Harrappan Sanskrity. In its variegated history of many centuries, Solanki era (A.D.1100) was the Golden period of Gujarat. The beautiful monuments of Patan and the gorgeous Toran of Vadnagar speak of this golden era. Later on Muslims invaders ruled Gujarat (A.D.1400). The freedom movement of India by Mahatma Gandhi began from Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad.

The fertile land of Gujarat is rich with lush green fields full of various crops. At the same time, it has fields producing black gold, oil. Today Gujarat throbs with numerous industries. It has the distinction of being the second most progressive state in India. Gujarat's richness is not limited to agriculture or industries. Cultural heritage is a treasure that Gujarat has preserved and protected with great care. In its stride of urbanization the reach culture of Gujarat is projected in its festivals and fairs throughout the year. From north to south (Sabarkhantha to Dang) from west to east i.e. Kutchh to tribal hillocks of Panchmahal & Chhota Udaipur, various tribes and folks, sing and dance various forms. Gujarat is a place where life is celebration.

Aavishkar, an academy of performing arts was established in June 1986 with a clear objective to preserve the wonderful legacy of performing folk and tribal art forms of Gujarat. To disseminate the knowledge of India's rich cultural heritage to young generation, we run regular classes. The students of these classes travel far and wide to remote areas of Gujarat and mingle with various tribes to have a feel of their lives and participate in the workshops to learn about their forms.

The repertoire created out these workshops, performs various authentic dance forms like Hudo, Dandiya Ras, Janviyo Dhol Nritya, Kahalya Nritya, Garabo etc. The repertoire has performed at all major cities and festivals of India as well as several International festivals of Europe and USA.



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